Hey, hi, hello! My name is Gabbi. I’m an infrastructure software engineer at Apple, where my work focuses on Kubernetes. Previously, I was a systems engineer on the Cloudflare Workers team. Before that, I received my Master’s Degree from Stanford University’s Department of Computer Science, where my studies concerned systems and network security. I love to geek out over network infrastructure, applied cryptography, and operating systems, in addition to technology and security policy.

I also love teaching. I’ve previously TA-ed Stanford’s Introduction to Computer Systems and Introduction to Computer Networks courses. Despite my baby face, I’ve also taught some lectures, like this fun one on the fundamentals of gcc and the Unix Executable and Linkable Format.

When I’m not in front of a computer, you’ll likely find me in the wilderness. A fun photo from the Goat Rocks Wilderness, July 2018:

alt text